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Simply put, CRUNCHER is the fastest, most accurate quote estimator
for Australian sign and specialty printing professionals.

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When you receive the CRUNCHER breakdown simply adjust as necessary for your local conditions, add your mark-up and then send your quote to the client!

CRUNCHER is comprehensive

Every print product has a ‘recipe’ that includes the materials and
labour you need and the necessary manufacturing operations.
CRUNCHER has comprehensive recipes for all types of common
graphic imaging jobs. It uses them to estimate your raw manufacturing cost

Choose Your Job
Choose Your Job

CRUNCHER is complete

CRUNCHER analyses your print job and returns a full, detailed
breakdown of all the materials you need for your job — along with an
estimation of the manufacturing cost. It lists the materials you need,
typical costs — even an estimate of the time and labour required.

CRUNCHER is accurate

CRUNCHER's time and labour costings are based on real, aggregate data.
It's continuously updated, and a true reflection of the situation out there within the industry.
When you use Cruncher, you can be confident in the quote you receive.

We are unique!

Other calculators give a price. CRUNCHER delivers a full break down of all material requirements - streamlining both your quoting and production process.

CRUNCHER is smart

User CRUNCHER to check y our own quotes and benchmark your prices against what others are doing. Or use CRUNCHER to compare the costs of different ways of doing the same job. CRUNCHER gives you real insights so you can be confident your prices are competitive and will make you money.

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